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Performance And Application Of Plastic Mixer

January 30, 2022

Latest company case about Performance And Application Of Plastic Mixer

Performance characteristics of plastic mixer:

1. Stirring and drying synchronization, because the material is kept in a flowing state during the drying process, the heat is permeated evenly, the drying time is short and the knot is not fast;

2. The standard model is double-drum design (economical single-layer design), the inner layer is made of stainless steel material for the material contact part; the middle interlayer installation and special insulation material can achieve safety and energy saving effect;

3, with high-frequency heater, fast heating, less power consumption, the comprehensive cost of drying per ton of material is more than 20 yuan per ton;

4. Specially designed double-tube drainage port, which can effectively discharge moisture, collect dust, and not pollute the working environment;

5, the barrel is equipped with an entrance door, color change and refueling is simple and quick to clean;

6. After special modification, the standard model is easy to be used for plastic powder and the crystal drying of PET flakes;

7, more models, large capacity, always have a performance loading: 0, 5T, 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons and so on.

8, dry mixing function two in one, when no need to dry, just turn off the heating switch and fan switch, the standard model can be used for plastic mixing and homogenization purposes, one machine for two.

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